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MOC Military Off-road Vehicle --Full-featured Version

May 21, 2020
.Designer: MOC Liang

.Parts: 3560 pcs+

.Power Group: Lithium battery × 2 / XL motor × 4 / L motor × 1 / M motor × 5 / servo motor × 1

.Weight: 3.2 kg

.Size:  50cm× 26cm×22cm

.Publish Time: May, 2020

As a designer, my original intention is to design a powerful and rich work that can be linked with remote control. As a player / designer, you can fully experience these rich functions through this building block; at the same time, it will be more playable through the full-function remote control linkage. So, it has all the functions it should have.
In terms of appearance and proportion, we have pursued as much restoration as possible, and obtained good design results. Since there are many different versions of this kind of off-road vehicle in the real world, this car also has a certain modification space. Especially the front and rear parts can be modified to other versions through proper modification.
It is not a work that emphasizes performance. This is due to the vehicle weight of up to 3.2 kg brought by more than 3500 pieces of parts, 2 lithium batteries, and 11 motors. In addition, due to the "four-speed sequential gearbox that can be shifted while driving" design, the large number of gears and complex transmission design make its transmission efficiency can not be compared with some off-road vehicles that emphasize performance.

Main Features:

-Forward / backward / turning (XL motor × 4 / servo motor × 1)
-Four-speed sequential gearbox with gear shifting (M motor × 1)
-Independent differential locks for front and rear axles (M motor × 2)
-Four-wheel drive two-wheel drive mode switching (M motor × 1)
-Air suspension / chassis lift (L motor × 1)
-Winch (M motor × 1)
-Doors that can be automatically adsorbed
-Linkable steering wheel
-Battery for easy disassembly


Design Picture:




Rearview Mirror:



Finished Display:

.Subject to the color problem of physical parts, only black versions of physical products were produced. At present, the orange parts have been basically prepared, and I hope to make another orange version later.
.In terms of parts, there are several parts from different brands, as well as some Lego parts.


Brief Comment:

Satisfied part:

-All functions are in line with design expectations. Especially for the chassis lifting function, using a single L motor to lift this 3.2 kg large off-road vehicle really needs to face certain challenges. To this end, I designed a structure that can reduce the load in the suspension to reduce the torque required when the chassis is raised. In addition, the 4-speed sequential gearbox that can be shifted while driving is also one of the design difficulties of this car.
-Adding so many linkage functions to a car means that the transmission structure is almost all over the car body. Therefore, in the design of the transmission structure, a lot of effort has been spent to rationally arrange these transmission structures, and finally realize these designs.
-Compared with the prototype, the ratio reduction results are satisfactory to me. At the same time, in terms of the position of the main frame and the motor, a symmetrical design is widely used, so the design process is relatively comfortable.


Relative to the rich features, this "military off-road vehicle full-featured version" has poor driving performance. Due to the vehicle weight of up to 3.2 kg and the lower transmission efficiency brought by the four-speed sequential gearbox, in the third and fourth gears, it is very prone to teething, not to mention excellent off-road performance. When the video was shot, one gear was broken in the third and fourth gears, which caused some problems with the vehicle's power transmission, so the video only showed the first gear.

Therefore, on the basis of this "full-featured version of military off-road vehicle", if there is a chance, I hope to be able to produce another "military off-road vehicle performance version". Of course, the rejection of some functions should be necessary.

And by the way, whihc color would like the most?

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