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The Story of RCFANCIER

RCFANCIER was founded in 2016 and is a dynamic and creative Toy Company in Shenzhen. Based on the concepts of "innovation" and "customer first", it integrates product development, product manufacturing and product sales into one company, and aims to provide customers with first-class products and services. The company is dedicated to remote enthusiasts. The business content mainly includes Moc Technic in RC, RC Cars, RC engines, RC Modified Accessories, and so on.

RCFANCIER has gained a lot of creative inspiration when it comes to interacting with fans around the world. There are so many moc enthusiasts in the world who love building blocks but don't have the time and skills to accomplish the ideal works in their hearts, which annoys many moc lovers. And our company has a first-class parts processing factory that specializes in serving these popular elements, and faces the majority of fans with first-hand ex-factory prices.

RCFANCIER has a professional RC modification team to provide fans with reasonable and professional modification advice. It is worth mentioning that Toyan is a professional manufacturer of remote control engines, and we have cooperated with the company in 2019. toyan will provide us with quality modification accessories and some related professional opinions. This will undoubtedly help our fans a lot.

Our guarantee:
RCFANCIER guarantees high quality materials and manufacturing processes. We offer you a perfect after-sales service. Every customer who orders on our site will feel our service.
RCFANCIER  is always grateful to customers and respects lego.
RCFANCIER  hopes that people around the world can enjoy the fun of building blocks and design your own RC car.
RCFANCIER  hopes to be able to offer our innovative and cost-effective product solutions to lovers of building blocks all over the world.
To RCFANCIER customers and FANS of RC &Lego.

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